Global Estonian | Keit Spiegel: Estonia is an opportunity!
Keit Spiegel: Estonia is an opportunity!
Keit Spiegel - Välisministeeriumi üleilmse eestluse ja kultuuridiplomaatia osakonna nõunik

Keit Spiegel: Estonia is an opportunity!

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Soon I am coming up on four years of working to make sure Estonians in all the corners of the world can be a part of Estonia in the way that suits them best. This means something different for everyone – whether it is staying up to date on Estonian news, maintaining close contacts with loved ones in Estonia, or living abroad and telling people about this tiny country with beautiful nature and digital state, and sparking an interest in the country.

It is wonderful and necessary to create various solutions for children and young people of Estonian origin across the world to come to Estonia and spend some time here or simply stay in the Estonian language environment. This can mean fun summer languages camps for children and young people in Estonia or beyond. You can get an overview of the options and choose the right camp for you HERE.

Scholarships help Estonian youth living abroad continue their studies in Estonian higher education institutions and vocational schools, with separate support provided for Estonian language lessons in the first year. Read about studying in Estonia with the scholarship programme HERE.

The newest opportunity is for adults of Estonian origin to complete their professional traineeships in an Estonian company or organisation of their choice as part of their studies. More information about this exciting opportunity is available HERE.

Additional information about studying in Estonia is available in the online gateway It is great to note that this year, 100 students who lived or completed their upper secondary education outside Estonia are studying in Estonia.

Estonia is an opportunity!

April is the Heart Month, so open your hearts to spring!

Keit Spiegel
Counsellor on diaspora policy and cultural diplomacy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs


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