Global Estonian | Foreign Minister: Estonia is its people. Near and far.
Välisminister Margus Tsahkna välispoliitika aastakõne
Foreign Minister Margus Tsahkna's annual foreign policy speech

Foreign Minister: Estonia is its people. Near and far.

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Read what the foreign minister Margus Tsahkna said in his foreign policy annual speech about Estonians living abroad:

There are Estonians all across the world. They have been carried there by their lust for adventure or curiosity, but also by tragic events in their homeland. Next year marks 80 years since thousands of Estonians fled in boats to the free world to escape occupation. Their story tells us a lot and we must not forget it. In 2025, another ESTO is held in Tallinn and Narva, and we should start getting ready now. Personally, I love every opportunity to talk to my compatriots abroad.

All Estonians, no matter where they live, are welcome to make their home in Estonia. In the last couple of years, the migration balance of Estonians has become positive. The number of Estonians returning to Estonia exceeds the number of Estonians who are leaving. In 2022, nearly 7000 people returned to Estonia. Estonia is providing those who return with advice and practical support. We are aware of the importance of a place in school for children, the career options of a spouse who is a foreigner and the availability of high-quality Estonian language lessons.    

Estonians abroad are happy to take part in telling our story and developing business ties when they feel connected to Estonian identity, culture and mentality. Estonian people abroad are active and awesome. A fantastic example of the Estonian story being told abroad today is the Estonian business and cultural centre KESKUS being built on a major street in Toronto. Not to mention Anna Hints, who, after winning the European Film Award for best documentary, made the entire glamorous hall join her in singing a runic song.  

Estonia is its people. Near and far. Thanks to them, we can make the world fit for freedom and work towards Ukraine’s victory. We are an evolving Estonian community open to the world, yearning for both a distant land and for home, as writer Karl Ristikivi noted. We are a tree with two arms. In Tiergarten, in Bois de Vincennes and in Central Park, local Estonians are looking for that slightly marshier spot of land that reminds them of home. A refuge where they can hide from the noise and bustle of the world.


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