Global Estonian | Dual nationality and identity: Estonian youth in Finland
Kaksmaised noored on väärtus, mida ei osata veel hinnata
Presentation of the study on May 29. Reti-Liis Saks, Mirjam Ligi, Reijo Roos, Kelli Piksar, Tuuli-Emily Liivat and Olle Järv took part in the panel discussion.

Dual nationality and identity: Estonian youth in Finland

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More than 51 000 Estonian citizens currently live in Finland. A new generation of binationals has been born between Finland and Estonia, who have literally grown up in two countries. Unfortunately, they have not yet been defined as dual nationals, and rather the surrounding society wants to see them either as immigrants (in Finland) or as Estonians abroad (in Estonia).

Kelli Piksar, a student at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki, commissioned the Finnish Institute to conduct a mini-survey on binational youth. Piksar interviewed 12 young people aged 18-29, for whom living between two countries is natural and they feel at home in both.

The results of the mini-research showed that the interviewed young people have a definite connection to Estonia as well as Finland, and all of the participants are connected to both countries through work, family or education.

Read the study here (in Estonian).

Facebook video of the survey presentation.

Video: Millist elu elavad Soome-Eesti noored?
(What kind of life do Estonian-Finnish youth live?)


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