Virtual forum for Estonians across the globe: May 2024 | Global Estonian

Virtual forum for Estonians across the globe: May 2024

The Foreign Ministry’s seventh virtual forum for Estonians worldwide was held on 2 May 2024 This time, we are looking at the opportunities young people of Estonian origin living abroad can find in Estonia – a land that is located on the coast of the Baltic Sea amidst forests and bogs, and is growing unicorns at a heady pace. We will look at the present and peek into the future. We are starting with a new format – a video postcard of the community. The forum is moderated by Ellen Valter, the soul and leader of KESKUS, the International Estonian Centre in Toronto, and music will be provided by musician and poet EiK, who just won the popular vote of the Language Achievement Award.





  • Introduction by Ellen Valter
  • Words of welcome by Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Jonatan Vseviov
  • Tartu - European Capital of Culture 2024
  • Panel ‘Estonia as an opportunity’ (Rebeka Dronia, Kristi Marika Lampi, William Persson)
  • First-hand experiences from the private IT school kood/Jõhvi (Egon Saks with his wife Cristina)
  • Music by EiK


  • Estonia is searching for whom – both today and 10 years from now? (Work in Estonia, Susanna Vatter)
  • Estonia as the breeding ground for unicorns (Startup Estonia, Eve Peeterson)
  • Video postcard from the Estonian community in Switzerland  
  • Marin Mõttus talks to Ellen Valter
  • Musical finale by EiK
  • Estimated end of the event at 17.45/18.00



Jonatan Vseviov
Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Rebeka Dronia
an Estonian raised in Namibia

Marika Kristi Lampi
an Estonian raised in the USA

William Persson
an Estonian raised in Sweden

Egon Saks
student of the IT school kood/Jõhvi

Susanna Vatter
Work in Estonia

Eve Peeterson
Startup Estonia

Ellen Valter (Moderator)
leader of Toronto’s International Estonian Centre KESKUS

Marin Mõttus
Special Diplomatic Representative of Global Estonia

Music by EiK
musician and poet


Video Topic: 
Estonian culture in the world


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