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Test your knowledge on the Citizen's Day quiz

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From November 21st, you can participate in the annual e-quiz of the Integration Foundation. The quiz is dedicated to the Citizen’s Day celebrated on 26 November. The quiz takes place from 21 November to 5 December on the website of the Integration Foundation and it focuses on interesting facts, events, and life in Estonia.

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We invite anyone interested to test their knowledge about the topics of social life, statehood, civil rights and civic duties in Estonia. The quiz will definitely expand your knowledge, as you can search the answers from the internet. We are organising the quiz for the twentieth time already. To celebrate the anniversary, we also used the most interesting questions from previous years. Answering them requires creativity, logical thinking, and a sense of humour in addition to knowledge.

The quiz is available in Estonian, English, and Russian on the website of the Integration Foundation. The quiz has 50 questions. You have 60 minutes for completing the quiz. Ten participants with the best results will get a prize from the Integration Foundation in December.

The internet-based Citizen’s Day quiz is organised by the Integration Foundation since 2003, i.e. for the twentieth time this year. The organisation of the Citizen’s Day e-quiz is supported by the Ministry of Culture.


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