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Väliseesti laste Üleilmakoolis algab üheteistkümnes õppeaasta

New year begins at the Global School for Estonian children abroad

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On September 15, the Global School (Üleilmakool) for Estonian-speaking children living outside Estonia started its 11th academic year, with more than 350 registrations for courses from 35 countries.

Andero Adamson, head of the language policy department of the Ministry of Education and Research, said that the Global School is the primary place for children and young people to learn and preserve the Estonian language while living abroad, where they can learn the Estonian language, literature and other subjects in Estonian. "The work done by the teachers ensures that the children have a good command of the Estonian language, which is very important in the formation of the Estonian identity and as a bridge in maintaining relations with Estonia. Every year dozens of young people return to Estonia who want to continue their studies in Estonia. The Estonian language skills and knowledge acquired at the Global School are a great support for them."

Helja Kirber, head of the Global School, noted that the school, which started with a few dozen children, has significantly increased the number of students over the years. "We have received feedback from families that learning the Estonian language and in the Estonian language at the Global School helps to preserve and develop the language, brings out topics that are not in everyday communication and develops writing skills," said Kirber. "Individual and small group online lessons are considered useful and necessary because the language learner can speak for himself and there is a lively interaction that is part of language learning."

Students of general education school age can learn Estonian language and literature, Estonian history, social studies, natural sciences and Estonian geography and mathematics in a total of 35 different courses on e-courses. The Estonian language is studied the most, many students study in several courses. The Estonian language course as a foreign language and the Estonian language course for high school-aged youth and the B2-level Estonian language exam preparation course are also popular.

The Global School offers Estonian history and social studies courses for foreign Estonian schools to use, as well as other courses if interested.

The teachers at the Global School are: Krista Arro, Triinu Laar, Tjorven Siiboja, Lee Laurimäe, Tiina Maripuu, Anni Lillemets, Helja Kirber, Piret Rannast, Sirje Sild, Karolina Antons, Kaari Rodima, Kristiina Rattasepp, Merike Barborak, Marika Uus, Maibritt Kuuskmäe, Kristi Oolo, Liivi Heinla, Katrin Siirak, Berit Vari, Leelo Kivirand and Kerli Liksor.

The Global School has students from Australia, Japan, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, the United States, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Jordan, Morocco, Israel, Belarus, Norway, Great Britain and Switzerland, and almost all the countries of the European Union.

The activities of the Global School are organized by the Estonian Education Society and supported by the Ministry of Education and Research.

Additional information:
Helja Kirber
Head of the World School
+372 565 5618


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