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Get involved in organizing ESTO 2025

Get involved in organizing ESTO 2025

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The Global Estonian Cultural Festival (known as ESTO) has called together Estonians from around the world since 1972, to celebrate their shared culture, heritage, and achievements – and to promote unity and reinforce the bonds between Estonians around the world.

The ESTO 2025 festival will be hosted in Stockholm, Tallinn and Narva between June 26-July 2, 2025.

You can now sign up for participation in the organization of ESTO 2025.


The purpose of ESTO 2025 is to bring together Estonian communities around the world again, to strengthen the global Estonian spirit and sense of belonging to the Estonian land and people, to promote the mutual contact network of people who keep Estonianism (abroad) and to introduce the story of Narva and involve young people in it.

ESTO + Song and Dance Festival:

Mon-Fri 26-27 June  ESTO in Stockholm
Sat-Sun 28-30 June  ESTO in Narva
Tue-Wed 1-2 July  ESTO in Tallinn
Mon – Sun 3 – 6 July   The XXVIII Estonian Song and XXI Dance Festival in Tallinn



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