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Daniel Levi Viinalass
Daniel Levi Viinalass

Daniel Levi Viinalass: "Take Care!"

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Well-known musician and songwriter Daniel Levi Viinalass will compete in the Estonian Song Contest on February 17. Read his reflections on Estonia's upcoming indepedence day anniversary.

Whenever I am off to give a concert or to write songs, my three-year-old daughter Ella calls to me from the doorstep, ‘Take care!’ I want to say the same thing to you now! It is probably the best feeling in the world, when someone cares about us and wishes us well. Now particularly, we probably need a little bit more security and affection than usual.

My song Over The Moon is also about that moment when you can doze off calmly because you know there are people who care about you and protect you. It cannot be helped that anxiety creeps into our souls every once in a while because there are so many unexpected situations and conflicts around us. I hoped this song could serve as a reminder that we are not alone and we can offer each other a sense of security by being there.

I do not completely agree with the saying that ‘The favourite dish of an Estonian is another Estonian.’ I think Estonians are the best at sticking together when it comes to it. Not only at the song festival but in other places as well!

During this month of friendship, I would like you to take a moment to feel grateful for the security and freedom of our dear Estonia! Especially as we are celebrating our independence again soon. I believe that if we protect and care about each other, we can have sweet dreams!

Take care!


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