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Creative contests for children and young Estonians abroad

Creative contests for children and young Estonians abroad

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Creative contests for children and young people - we are waiting for contributions by April 30.

"The Story of My Grandparents"

Hey young people! Here is your chance to pick up the phone and call your grandmother-grandfather, whether near or far, whether in Estonia or America or in another country. Talk, question, summarize your conversation as a story, a poem or even a cartoon. If the distance is not long, you can visit them and present the interview as a film clip. We leave the form of the work free - short story, cartoon, video clip, poem or any other way that interests you.

"My hometown if I were a tourist here"

What would you like to introduce to your peers in the wider world in your hometown? What makes him the best, the most famous, the cutest, the coolest? Make a short and punchy video clip and hit the road!

We will show the best works on the 26th-29th. during the Mother Language Days program in Chicago between presentations.

Prizes include games, books, art supplies.

Solve the story creatively -> message and thought are important -> film up to 2 min -> upload to Youtube and send us the link:

Written works, comics are also welcome: In the e-mail, add the participant's name, age, e-mail address, city and country from which the author comes to each work.

If there is supervised work, also the supervisor's name and e-mail address.

Additional information: Heidy Kiviloo

The competition is organized by the Estonian Institute



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