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Cerebrum Hub: karjäärivahetuse pioneer IT-valdkonnas

Cerebrum Hub: Pioneering Career Transitions into IT

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Vladimir Niinimäki (Co-founder, Head of Marketing) writes about Cerebrum Hub, which can be a springboard to a new career in IT.

The landscape of a job market is transforming at an unprecedented pace. Automation, artificial intelligence (AI) contribute to the exponential growth of information technology (IT), leading to an increasing demand for IT professionals. Many people find themselves at a crossroads, needing to transition into new careers to keep up with these changes. On the other side of the equation, companies are struggling to find skilled IT professionals to fill their ranks. This is where we, at Cerebrum Hub, step in.

We founded Cerebrum Hub with a clear mission: to help people change their lives and careers. Recognizing the challenges and uncertainties many face when considering a career change, we provide an opportunity for individuals to start their careers in modern, rapidly developing roles such as software tester, equipping them with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the tech industry.

What sets Cerebrum Hub apart is our unique approach to career transition. Our programs are fully practical, designed to give students an experience of real-work situations. Learning is organised in teams and based on SCRUM, because work in IT always happens in teams. Skills are learned while working on realistic projects. There’s a heavy focus on developing soft skills in addition to IT skills. This hands-on approach ensures that students are not just learning in theory, but are able to apply their knowledge in practical, real-world contexts.

We focus on results. We take a personal interest in every student’s success, providing tailored guidance and support throughout the learning journey. We also use AI tools to process more data and be more effective. This data-driven approach ensures that our programs are always relevant and up-to-date, equipping students with the skills that are most in demand.

In just over a year and a half, we have already made a significant impact. With 132 students currently studying, over 70 graduates, and an impressive 87% job placement or promotion rate, our goal is to make a difference in the Estonian and Latvian job markets. These numbers are a testament to the effectiveness of our programs and the dedication of our team.

Looking to the future, we have ambitious plans. We aim to launch new programs, reach new markets, and establish ourselves as the best approach to reskilling education. We are also planning to provide free webinars on hot topics such as AI and how to begin a career in IT, featuring industry experts. These initiatives will further expand our reach and impact, helping even more individuals transition into rewarding IT careers.

Feedback from our students has been overwhelmingly positive, with an average course rating of 4.7 out of 5. Reviews on our Trustpilot and Facebook pages attest to the quality and effectiveness of our programs. Students praise the practical nature of the courses, the supportive learning environment, and the valuable career guidance they receive.

With plans to launch more programs, including a Product Owner course, and additional mini courses, we are poised to continue making a significant impact on career transitions into IT. We are committed to helping individuals navigate the changing job market, equipping them with the skills they need to thrive in the tech industry. As the world continues to evolve, we stand at the forefront, guiding individuals towards successful and fulfilling careers in IT.



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